Home Happenings - November 2016

We have had a lot to celebrate here at Current River Nursing Center this month! 

Ms. Margaret Dean celebrated her 92nd birthday!  We joined her in our dining room with a special cake and birthday party.  Ms. Dean is a delight to have in our home and we can't wait to celebrate her next birthday!

We are very lucky to have musical performances each month in our home.  This month, we were lucky enough to have Mr. Sieberg entertain our residents by playing piano.  Mr. Sieberg is very talented and we are grateful for the time he spends with us.

You can almost always catch our residents participating in some type of activity.  However, there is one activity in particular that seems to be a favorite among most of our residents.  "Flyswat Balloon Game" is a game that our residents love.  They enjoy being active and are always laughing as they are trying to swat at the balloons.  It is a lot of fun to watch!

Current River Nursing Center would like to congratulate Ms. Margaret Couch on graduating from therapy!  Ms. Couch has been residing with since March and has been working towards her therapy goals.  This month, she conquered those goals and we couldn't be more proud of her!

Margaret Dean's Birthday Party

Mr. Sieberg Playing Piano

"Flyswat Balloon Game"

Graduation from Therapy


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